Network automation with Ansible

Seiko Solutions Inc. is a certified partner of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Network Automation Starting with SmartCS

Red Hat Ansible Automation, an automation platform provided by Red Hat, Inc., and SmartCS, a console server, can be linked together to provide remote access to initial configuration and response to failures. This will further reduce the operational load on the IT infrastructure in each phase, including operations that were previously required a visit to the site to perform. For more information about Ansible, you can visit Ansible's website.

Why use Ansible with SmartCS?

  • Network devices that do not have IP reachability can be automated
  • Network devices not supporting their own Ansible module can be automated with Ansible.
  • The operations which are not preferred to execute remotely such as changing network settings or firmware upgrade can be automated with Ansible.
  • Provides a lifeline to the operational automation environment by accessing the console ports of network devices via Ansible


Ansile Module

Modules Ansible Galaxy
Ansible automation hub
Document Release notes SmartCS_modules_for_Andible-ReleaseNote_V1.4.1.pdf
Operation guide NS2250series_Ansible_Operation_Guide.pdf



  • Leaflet

  • Coopreration Briefing SmartCS and Ansible

  • Demonstration video to introduce network automation with SmartCS and Ansible