Network Solution

  • SmartCS
    If you use SmartCS to create a monitoring network, you can reliably access the console ports of monitoring equipment that are connected to SmartCS, even if certain operational network problems exist. SmartCS can help you significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  • Time Server
    Deliver the highly reliable and accurate standard time to any kind of clients in the network and solve all the possible time synchronization problems in a business operation system for various applications such as financing institute, medical institute, broadcasting and data center.

Energy Management Solution

  • GreenTalk
    Green TALK collects energy consumption data via sensors placed in power meters and water and gas flow meters. Stored data is then analyzed and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner. By timely monitoring your energy consumption, you can efficiently save energy without unnecessary cut or waste.

Attendance management

Attendance management
  • Time Recorder
    Time Recorder Z120, TQR-395 and Time Date Numbering Printer (Time Stamp) TP-50.