If you use SmartCS to create a monitoring network, you can reliably access the console ports of monitoring equipment that are connected to SmartCS, even if certain operational network problems exist. SmartCS can help you significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Console Servers - the Lifeline for IT Administrators

p_console-server_ns2250_img-ns2250A company network should be able to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is necessary to maintain the operational status of network equipment in a robust security environment, which includes servers and routers, to ensure secure and stable network performance.

Since SmartCS was released in 2006, it has been adopted by the majority of our customers. It houses serial console ports of network equipment including routers, switches and servers. With SmartCS, IT administrator can more easily build network management to function as a "lifeline". Even in instances when network operations are experiencing problems, the network administrator is still able to access network equipment via SmartCS to keep the company network under control.



New models that meet users' needs have emerged

To respond to customer requests, the new model NS-2250 series, which can improve hardware redundancy and that comes equipped with a dual AC power supply and dual Gigabit LAN I/F, is now available.
Operators can access network equipment via SmartCS even if one AC power source has been turned off or fails to access the network.