System software

Software (5.4MB)
Latest update: April 14, 2017 Only for NS-2250 series
ReleaseNotes icon_pdfNS-2250_ReleaseNotes_En_01.pdf
Latest update: April 14, 2017


Instruction Manual icon_pdfNS-2250_Instruction_Manual_En_04.pdf
Latest update: :April 2017
Command Reference icon_pdfNS-2250_Command_Reference_En_03.pdf
Latest update: :April 2017
Installation Manual icon_pdfNS-2250_Installation_Manual_En_03.pdf
Latest update: :May 2017
Readme First icon_pdfNS-2250_Readme_First_En_01.pdf
Latest update: :January 2017


MIB file
Latest update: November 2015
Latest update: November 2015

Cabling Reference

Cabling Reference icon_pdfSmartCS_Cablingreference.pdf
Latest update: January 2020

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity icon_pdfNS-DOC-001.pdf


Product catalog SmartCS_eng.pdf