Green TALK collects energy consumption data via sensors placed in power meters and water and gas flow meters. Stored data is then analyzed and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.
By timely monitoring your energy consumption, you can efficiently save energy without unnecessary cut or waste.

Managing energy and maximizing efficiency

The reduction of energy consumption and of the impacts on the global environment, for which all entrepreneurs are responsible, has become necessary for every company in order to continue to expand its business.

GreenTALK is a solution to manage and control energy by making energy consumption visible and enabling collective management.

It maximizes energy saving efficiency through accurate measurement of energy consumption and data collection and analysis, and offers improvement measures.

GreenTALK solution is already employed in factories, where various kinds of energy are used in complex systems, in companies holding several offices and stores, as well as in hospitals, schools, hotels, and office buildings.

For out global future, for your company's tomorrow, why don't you start new energy management with GreenTALK?