New Grandmaster clock TS-2912


Seiko Solutions Inc. (President: Mr. Junichi Sekine, Head office: 8-Nakase 1-chome, Chiba-shi, TEL: 043-273-3111) will add a new Grandmaster clock TS-2912 with SFP port (optical interface) which is designed for deployment in the mobile backhaul network into its IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster clocks “Time Sever Pro. series” and will start sales soon.

In addition to a SFP port TS-2912 also provides a Cu port (electrical interface). A SFP port is implemented depending on the strong request from customers in the mobile backhaul network and Group unit centers, etc.

TS-2910 which was released for a mobile backhaul network model in July 2017 has capabilities to retain a high timing accuracy of below 100 nanoseconds to UTC and a high holdover stability of 1.5 micro seconds per 24 hours in its compact and simple design housing.

Since the new release TS-2912 supports QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) it has realized reduction of the jitter by ionosphere disturbance and multipath effects have been minimized on satellites with high elevation angles. Furthermore TS-2912 has improved integrity, continuity, and reliability with the multi-GNSS constellation system same as the current products.

Seiko Solutions will continuously address wide variety of challenges for PTP profile expansion and enhancing precision by participating in an interoperability demonstration test for IEEE1588/PTP together with clients and also by collecting updated technical information through major international conventions for time and synchronization solutions, etc.

Time Server Pro. TS-2912 (Outline)

Model Name:
Time Server Pro. series TS-2912

Open price

Compact size to fit in 1U half rack width
Realized high precision time distribution and excellent cost performance as dedicated models for PTP.
Built-in one SFP port and one Cu port Supports multi-GNSS constellation system (GPS + QZSS “Michibiki”).
Provides high holdover stability with OCXO oscillator.
– 400 nanoseconds /5 hours, 1.5 microseconds /24 hours

PTP profiles:
Telecom Profile G.8265.1 confirmed
Telecom Profile G.8275.1 confirmed
Telecom Profile G.8275.2 supported

Power supply:
AC wide range model or DC-48V model are selectable depending on customer’s usage environment.