New PTP Grandmaster clock for Broadcasting industry

- Introduce new “Time Server Pro. TS-2950” with frequency time sources of 10MHz and Black Burst ( BB) -

“Time Server Pro. TS-2950” with frequency time sources of 10MHz and Black Burst ( BB)
Time Server Pro. TS-2950 supporting 10MHz and BB frequency source signals

Seiko Solutions Inc. (President: Mr. Junichi Sekine, Head office: 8-Nakase 1-chome, Chiba-shi, TEL: 043-273-3111) have developed two new models of PTP high-precision time distribution devices “Time Server Pro. TS-2950-10” (10 MHz model) and “TS-2950-20”(BB model) which support frequency source signals of 10 MHz signal and Black-Burst (BB) signal respectively for the broadcasting industry and will start its sales from January 2018.

The “TS-2950-10” (10 MHz model) and “TS-2950-20” (BB model) have been developed as extension models of the PTP Grandmaster clock “Time Server Pro. TS-2950” that supports GNSS time sources which are widely used mainly in financial and broadcasting industries. It aims to lead customers to introduce these models more effortlessly and economically by utilizing high precision signals included in the existing facilities of the broadcasting industries.

The TS-2950-10 (10 MHz model) supports 10 MHz signal output from the rubidium oscillator which is used as the reference time source in the broadcasting station. On the other hand, the TS-2950-20 (BB model) supports BB signal which is used as the reference time source for the equipment in the studio. Both models can use the existing environments inside the broadcasting stations as they are as much as possible and they can be continuously used in the future GNSS environment.

Besides GNSS, both models support two more time sources as standard. One is a ToD interface (hereinafter referred to as ToD) which receives a serial time information (just time format) output from the standard clock devices in the broadcasting stations and corrects the time, and the other is Time adjustment function (software) using optical telephone JJY (*1) which the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) are planning to start the official service.
Using these multiple time sources will make it possible to select the optimum time source from GNSS, ToD and optical telephone JJY depending on customer’s environment (*2), and also to obtain redundancy in case of failure, and consequently these models can be used as high availability devices more than ever.

(*1) In the current broadcasting stations, a standard clock for the broadcasting stations is introduced and the time is corrected using the telephone JJY via analog telephone line with NICT’s existing service. Optical telephone JJY has been developed as a new standard time supply system using NTT’s (East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation / West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) optical telephone line through collaboration between NICT and Seiko Solutions, and started an experimental service toward beginning an official NICT service.


<Outline of Time Server Pro. TS-2950 new models>

[Model names]

TS-2950-10(10MHz model), TS-2950-20(BB model)

[Expected sale release date]

TS-2950-10: January 2018,  TS-2950-20: February 2018


Open price

[Main features]

Frequency sources (10 MHz signal, BB signal) and time sources (GNSS, ToD, optical telephone JJY) are selectable depending on customers’ environment (*2)


  • User can select priority from three time sources (GNSS, ToD, optical telephone JJY) (*2)
  • TS-2950-10 operates with 10 MHz and TS – 2950 – 20 operates with BB as a primary frequency source respectively. Highly fault-tolerant operation is possible with a built-in atomic clock in the secondary clock.

<Time Server Pro. TS-2950 line up>

Model name TS-2950
(Current model)
(10MHz model)
(BB model)
Time source GNSS (GPS),
Optical telephone JJY (tbd)
Optical telephone JJY
Optical telephone JJY
Frequency source 10MHz Black Burst (BB)
PTP Profile Default profile
SMPTE ST 2059-2
Default profile
SMPTE ST 2059-2
Default profile
SMPTE ST 2059-2
NTP Yes Yes Yes

(*2) When BB signal is selected in TS-2950-20, GNSS can not be used.

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