Seiko Solutions Inc. is to participate as a Silver Sponsor at APRICOT 2019 which will be held in Daejeon, South Korea from 25th to 28th of February 2019.

The APRICOT conference has been held annually since its establishment in 1996 to share the knowledge required to build and operate the Internet infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.
ARPRICOT regularly attracts more than 500 delegates from over 50 countries where they learn and discuss about the latest developments in the Internet networking technologies and best operational practices.

We will exhibit NTP server “Time Server” and PTP Grandmaster Clock “Time server Pro.” as well as “NTP Clock” which enables synchronization of all the clocks in a facility.
We also give a network automation demo using Ansible with “SmartCS NS-2250” which provides the last lifeline of the network management operation.
With these products above, Seiko Solutions will propose highly accurate time synchronization technology and reliable solutions to the operation managers engaged in the Internet and cloud service management operation.

Outline of the exhibition

Exhibition APRICOT 2019
Dates February 25 – 28, 2019
Venue Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) (South Korea)
Organiser Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies(APRICOT)
Co-Organiser Asia Pacific Network Information Centre(APNIC)
Link https://2019.apricot.net/