Seiko Solutions participated “MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019” with the achievement of “Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2019”

Seiko Solutions Inc. today announced the completion of “Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2019”. This is regarded as hot staging of “MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019”. The test took place in March 2019, hosted by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) in Berlin, Germany for a period of 10 days. A total of 19 companies took part in the test. Participants included vendors of 1) Routers, switches and CPEs, 2) Emulators/Analyzers, 3) Network controllers and service orchestrators, 4)Precision timing equipment, 5)Packet microwave systems and 6) White box solutions.

The Congress has been the pre-eminent technical conference in the world for IP, MPLS, SDN, NFV, and related telecommunications technologies. Hot staging followed by public showcase presents a ralistic example of a next generation muli-vendor service provider network that participating vendors can demonstrate the maturity and applicability of their devises and solutions.
Hot staging participants conducted a number of comprehensive test cases developed by EANTC focusing on verifying interoperability between implementatios of two and more vendors for specific technology.
We contributed in “Clock synchronization for LTE and 5G backhaul” part where participants of this year focused on time/phase delivery trying to achieve the requirements for 5G networks, including a lot of resiliency scenarios, using full and assisted partial timing support setups.
7 clock providers us tested with other vendors of network switches and testers the behavior of the time signal delivery in optimal and suboptimal conditions: network delay asymmetry, hold-over performances, source failover between two grandmaster clocks with high precision clocking and we reached 45 successful combinations in total.
With EANTC, we confirmed interoperability of nearly 20 patterns where TS-2912-22 distributes time information as Grand Master (GM) to other vendors’ clocks to realize time synchronization of system.

The hot staging result was then introduced at the MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2019 interoperability showcase organized by EANTC in 9-12, April in Paris, France.
EANTC and vendors exhibited a tangible, lab-validated network showcasing the latest advances in IP/MPLS, Software Defined Networks (SDN), microwave and mobile network clock synchronization with the entire test network which was actually used during the interoperability test.

By participating and supporting such trials, Seiko Solutions leverages the results and aims to contribute to broadcasting and mobile market as a leading company of time synchronization.

White Paper can be downloaded via EANTC website

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EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading independent test centers for telecommunication technologies. Based in Berlin, Germany, the company offers vendor-neutral consultancy and realistic, reproducible high-quality testing services since 1991. Customers include leading network equipment manufacturers, tier-1 service providers, large enterprises and governments worldwide. EANTC’s proof of concept, acceptance tests and network audits cover established and next-generation fixed and mobile network technologies.