Seiko’s PTP Grandmaster Clock is now available supporting “IEEE 802.1AS” to be deployed with Industrial Ethernet

New feature to enable the introduction of high-precision time synchronization systems to Factory Automation and Time Sensitive Network

Seiko Solutions Inc. (President: Mr. Jun Sekine, Head office: Chiba-shi, Chiba) announces that PTP Grandmaster Clock Time Server Pro. TS-2910 Series (including TS-2910/TS-2912/TS-2914) is now available with an optional function to support IEEE 802.1 AS-2011 (gPTP). This small yet high-performance product has been widely used by many mobile operators worldwide and is now able to be introduced in industrial Ethernet from October 28, 2020.

Conventional Ethernet does not have the concept of time synchronization and transmits traffic on a best-effort basis, whereas Ethernet as a control system network, such as Industrial Ethernet, requires real-time processing and time synchronization. Typical examples of Industrial Ethernet, such as automotive Ethernet, railroad operation management, and factory automation systems, therefore use IEEE 802.1AS-2011 (gPTP), causing a demand for a high-precision PTP grandmaster clock. In factory production systems, control devices are installed in each of the system’s constituent devices, which communicate and monitor each other through the network which requires a small PTP grandmaster clock to be easily deployed in multiple locations.

In response to this need for Industrial Ethernet, Seiko has added an optional feature of supporting IEEE 802.1AS-2011 (gPTP) to the TS-2910 series of high-precision (PRTC-B-compliant), easy-to-deploy, compact PTP grandmaster clocks.

TS-2910 series had been firstly designed for mobile networks, but now it is expanding its application area to the industrial Ethernet market.

Time Server Pro.TS-2910 Series will be on display virtually at ITSF Online ( from November 3-5, 2020.


PTP Grandmaster Clock Time Server Pro. TS-2910

  • Model Name
    – Time Server Pro TS-2910 Series with IEEE 802.1AS-2011 (gPTP) optional license
  • Release Date
    – October 30th, 2020
  • Price
    – Open price
  • Main Features
    – Supports Grandmaster clock function of IEEE 802.1AS-2011 (gPTP)
    – Supports Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA)
    – Equipped with multi GNSS receiver

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