Seiko Solutions Certified as Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Partner for the First Time in Japan

- Able to introduce Ansible modules for SmartCS with more ease -

Seiko Solutions Inc. (Chiba City, Chiba; President: Jun Sekine; hereinafter referred to as “Seiko Solutions”) was certified as a Red Hat Automation Platform Partner, the first in Japan to-date. Accordingly, Ansible modules for console server “SmartCS” became available through Ansible automation hub *1 on August 24, 2021.

Since April 2019, SmartCS has supported Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform as a feature for supporting automation of networks and IT operation. Also, in April 2021, responding to the mechanism of Ansible Content Collections, SmartCS began providing modules to users all over the world through Ansible Galaxy *2 in the namespace “seiko.smartcs’, keeping up with upgrades and features of Ansible each time.

This time, as Seiko Solutions was certified as a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Partner, customers who have signed a support contract for Ansible modules for SmartCS will be able to receive support services from both Red Hat and Seiko Solutions. In relation to responses to the operation automation in the state with Internet Protocol Address (IP) unreachable and its building, it would be possible to introduce the modules by using a console access feature of SmartCS.

Collections in Ansible automation hub are supported by Red Hat and its partners. Combining a number of certified modules with Ansible modules for SmartCS enables the implementation of operations and automation in an entire system, including targeted devices installed in an environment where communication with IP cannot be ensured. Therefore, operations with Ansible are expected to be more powerful.

Seiko Solutions will further enhance SmartCS as a product capable of facilitating not only emergency operation means but also operational automation, by making it compatible with the latest version of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and adding and expanding its features upon the user’s request to powerfully support customers’ network operation.

For this announcement, we have received the following endorsement from Red Hat K.K.

It is our great pleasure that Seiko Solutions is registered as the first Certified Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Partner in Japan so far. With this certification, Red Hat support can respond directly to inquiries on Ansible modules for SmartCS and provide assistance and customers are able to use the modules with more ease. Amid the need for remote work and more efficient IT operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, automation is a key focus for customers. We expect efforts to automate network devices will continue to accelerate.

Takeshi Kaneko
Deputy Country Manager
Partner & Alliances Sales
Business Strategy Office
Red Hat K.K.

*1 Ansible Automation hub :
The official location to discover and download supported Ansible Content Collections, included as part of your Ansible Automation Platform subscription. These Collections contain ways to consume automation and how-to guides to implement them in your infrastructure.

*2 Ansible Galaxy:
Official Ansible hub for sharing Ansible community content,

* SmartCS is a registered brand of Seiko Solutions Inc.
* Red Hat and Ansible are brands or registered brands of Red Hat, Inc. and its subsidiaries in US and other countries.
* The other product names, etc. herein are each company’s brand or registered brand.