Tri-color LED Time display
 enables to alert abnormality
by sound-and-light

Monitoring and alerting function added to time display

[IPv6 supported]

Features of TD-450

Features 1  7-segment large display plus Tri-color LED

Not only just displays high precision time information from NTP server but also controls LED light and buzzer sound through SNMP Trap and RSH and provides an easy synchronization linked with the network monitoring system.

Features 2   Ping monitoring up to 5 clients

p_time_img03_450Alive monitoring of IP nodes using ping are available up to 5 clients.

Features 3   Easy Web browser setting

Synchronization with NTP server and LED light control can all be easily set up through Web browser.

Features 4   Various mounting method

p_time_img04_450You can select suitable mounting method, wall bracket mounting, rack mounting, or desktop installation in accordance with your use environment and also you can choose your power supply from PoE or AC adapter.

TD-450 Application Example

p_time_img05_450TD-450 time displays are installed in various applications for network systems, system operation centers and monitoring operation centers. It sends quick alert for abnormality of the system by sound and shows its accurate occurrence time by tri color LED display in coordination with failure monitoring systems.

TD-450 Specifications

LAN interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX 1port
Time synchronization interval Adjustable between 1~120 minutes
Display 7 segment LED (digit height: 57mm, orange)
Numbers of servers to be accessed for synchronization set-up Maximum 3 servers
Oscillator stability +/-15s/month (+25ºC)
Time format 12 hours or 24 hours
Alarm LED light, buzzer sound
External speaker output Ф3.5mm stereo mini jack (mono)
Monitoring ICMP echo x5, SNMP traps x10
Notification e-mail 10 e-mails
Remote command RSH
Rated voltage -Note 1 PoE+( conforming to EEE802.3at),  AC adapter:AC100V~240V(+/-10%)
Rated current 0.26A(PoE+), 0.23A (AC adapter) 
Power consumption 13.5W(PoE+), 14W(AC adapter)
Calorific value 48.6kJ/h(PoE+), 50.4kJ/h(AC adapter)
Operation Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Operation humidity 20%~80% RH (no condensation) 
Installation style Wall-mounted (no mounting bracket), Rack mounted (with mounting bracket), Desktop holder (option)
Dimensions 370(W) ×60(D)×200(H)mm (projections not included) 
Weight approx. 1.3kg
Certification VCCI-A, RoHS

-Note1: You can select PoE+ or AC adaptor by main body switch.