Is the power supply of GPS antenna unnecessary? +-
Since the GPS antenna is powered via a coaxial cable the power supply is unnecessary.
Can I use GPS antennas other than the supplied one? +-
We do not conduct operation tests with antennas other than our supplied antenna, so we can not guarantee operation and we are recommending you to use antennas we supplied.
Please tell me about countermeasures against lightning to the GPS antenna. +-
It is recommended to install an appropriate coaxial arrestor with an impedance of 50 Ohm and a frequency range between 0 and 2 GHz (standard frequency:1.5 GHz). Although the connector shape will depend on each arrestor to be installed N-type connector is generally used. Arrestor is effective for induced lightning stroke, but it can not be protected against direct lightning stroke. In case the antenna is installed in areas with a lot of lightning, please also consider installing lightning rod etc. together.
Is there anything in particular I should pay attention when installing the GPS antenna? +-
Basically the best reception is achieved when the antenna is installed in the place with a free view of the sky with no obstacles like buildings around. However since it is generally not easy to find such a place please consider following points to install antenna.
(1) There is a free view of 20 degree angular elevation
above the horizontal.
(2) There is no other antenna or lightning rod around.
(3) Install the GPS antenna to be perpendicular to the
horizontal ground surface.

Network & operation

Please tell me about the IP address setting of the device that has multiple LAN interfaces. +-
The same network IP address can't be assigned to each interface. Please assign a different network IP address to each interface respectively. You can't perform link aggregation and so on.
Please tell me how to access during setup and maintenance. +-
TS-2210 can be accessed with Internet Explorer (http). TS-2550 can be accessed via Internet Explorer (http, https), Telnet and SSH, and also it can be connected to the COM port with a serial cable and operated using the VT100 emulator.
Do Seiko Solutions time servers support SNMP? +-
Both TS-2210 and TS-2550 support SNMPv2c, v1. TRAP supports SNMPv1.
Are email notifications available when an error occurs? +-
Yes, it is available. TRAP information can be sent by e-mail. But mail authentication is not supported.
Can I back up the configuration information of the time server main unit as a file? +-
You can export the configuration information to the maintenance computer. It is also possible to import the stored configuration file.
Will log information be stored in the time server main unit? +-
The system log is stored in the time server main unit, but it will disappear if the power is turned off without shutting down or rebooting.
Please tell me how many logs can be stored? +-
Around 1000 logs can be stored. It is also possible to send logs to the Syslog server.
How long does it take to upload the firmware? +-
It takes only several seconds to upload the firmware, but you need to reboot the time server after uploading. Reboot time will be around 1 minute.
Can I get the SNMP MIB file? +-
You can download the MIB file from the time server.
Can I change the admin user ID "adm"? +-
For TS-2210, the user account is fixed to "adm" and can't be changed or added. (note:1)
For TS-2550, changing account and authorization setting are available.

(note:1)The user account can be changed with the firmware version-4.2040 or higher (TS-2210).
Can you create a redundant system configuration? +-
There is no setting parameters to create a redundant system configuration on the time server side. However it is possible to do so if you set multiple reference destinations on NTP client side configuration. We recommend
you to set three reference destinations (three time servers to be prepared) when you want to create a redundant system configuration.
Is the power supply redundant? +-
No redundant power supply is available in TS-2550 and TS-2210.
Please tell me the points to be noted when turning off the power. +-
Please turn off the power after performing shutdown operation. If the power is turned OFF without performing shutdown operations, configuration and log information which are not saved will be lost.
I can't log in because I forgot the administrator password. Can I reset my password? +-
It is necessary to execute an initialization of configurations in order to return the configurations to the initial factory settings.
Can I set Speed and Duplex values of the LAN interface? +-
Since AUTO is fixed, you can't change the setting
How can I configure the time server? +-
TS-2210 can be configured by Internet Explorer (http). TS‐2550 can be configured by Internet Explorer (http, https) and by the CLI (console, Telnet, SSH) too.
In which fields are time servers used? +-
You can see various applications of Seiko Solutions time servers in the following link.
Time server application.pdf
What is a Network time server? +-
The time server is an appliance device that synchronizes the time of servers and network equipment connected to the network with the correct time via NTP (Network Time Protocol).
Seiko Solutions offer time servers based on a high precise GPS as a time source.
Why do I need a time server? +-
If the time of the PC / server / network device on the network is not synchronized, there could be some negative effect on time series processing by multiple servers, log file accuracy and file time stamp.
Therefore, it is necessary to synchronize all the devices on the network with the correct time through NTP (Network Time Protocol).
Why I should not use the network time services available over the Internet? +-
Using the NTP server which is made public through the Internet has following merits / demerits.

1. Since it is made public to the Internet, you can use it free of charge,

1. Time synchronization accuracy is poor. (Deviation is several hundred milliseconds or more.)
2. NTP service may stop due to a failure of the Internet line and a maintenance of the line / NTP server.
3. Without taking a correct countermeasures against the NTP security vulnerability it is likely that it becomes a target from an attack.
Up to how many clients in the network can be synchronized by a Seiko Solutions time servers? +-
TS-2550 can process up to 8,000 clients per second and
TS-2210 can process up to 800 clients per second.

Time synchronization

Is it possible to distribute time even when time synchronization with the GPS time source becomes impossible? +-
Even if the Time server can't receive radio signals from GPS satellites and can't synchronize with GPS time source the time accuracy can be maintained for a given period using the built-in crystal oscillator.
If the given period has passed, the time server will be in asynchronous status. The default setting for the period is 24 hours.
Do you support Windows standard Internet time setting? +-
Windows standard time protocol is NTP. Since our time servers support NTP they can synchronize time with NTP server.
Is there any particular influence in a leap year? +-
There is no influence. Setting etc. are not necessary.
Does it become an asynchronous state if I reboot the time server? +-
Since rebooting will result in an asynchronous state, the time server must be synchronized with the time source.

Please note that when INF setting is performed, even when it can not be synchronized with the time source, the time server is always in the synchronized state and time lag may occur.
Can I check the request status from the client? +-
You can check the IP address of 500 clients accessed. If it exceeds 500, the information of the client that accessed at last is deleted