Feature-Rich Standard Time Server

New standard model of NTP server with improved processing capacity and power efficiency.

  • Holdover accuracy: +/-100ms/day
  • Time source: GNSS

Features of TS-2220

Features 1 Expansion of supported GNSS satellite system

QZSS and GLONASS are now supported in addition to conventional GPS to minimize system operation stopping risk caused by GPS satellite failure and signal jamming.

Features 2  Significant improvement in processing capacity

NTP packet processing capacity has been improved more than 5 times and power consumption has been reduced by about 25%. 1000BASE-T (3Speed) is adopted as LAN interface to apply to the recent broadband network environment.

Features 3  Pursuit of operability

NTP server construction can be completed in 15 minutes via Web browser. In addition to the existing simplified setting function and the time synchronization status display from the front panel, the CLI setting function is available.

Features 4 Various fault monitoring function

SNMP and syslog as failure monitoring function ensure stable operation. Unauthorized access is prevented by Web setting. Immediate time distribution after starting is also possible by holding time information up to 6 hours.

TS-2220 Specifications

LAN interface 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T 1 port
IPv4, IPv6
Processing capability 4,000 packets per second
Time information
Protocol SNTPv3, SNTPv4, NTPv3, NTPv4, TIME, DAYTIME
Authentication methods MD5 authentication, autokey
Built-in Oscillator type TCXO
Holdover accuracy +/-100ms/day (+25ºC)
Rated voltage AC100~240V+/-10% (50/60Hz)
Rated current(Max) 0.12A
Power consumption 6W
Calorific value 22kJ/h
Operation temperature 0~40ºC
Operation humidity 20%~80% RH (no condensation)
Installation style Rack mount
Dimensions 425.5(W)×280(D)×44(H)mm (projections not included)
Weight approx. 3.1kg
Certification VCCI-A, RoHS, PSE

Time synchronization
Time source GPS, QZSS, GLONASS
Correction accuracy to UTC +/-1µs(GNSS synchronization)
Leap second adjustment Automatic/Manual
Daylight Saving Time Supported
GPS Rollover Handling Supported
GNSS receiver
Input Level Range 15dBi~50dBi
GNSS antenna(Bundled)
Operation Temperature -40ºC~85ºC
Waterproof Rating IP67C
Dimensions Φ66.5×47.5(H) mm
Weight approx. 150g (0.5m cable included)
GNSS antenna stand(Bundled)
Dimensions Hexagonal 103 x 92 x 116(H)mm
Weight approx. 370g