Peering Asia 5.0

Seiko Solutions Inc. will participate as a gold sponsor in Peering Asia 5.0, November 1-2 at The Shilla Seoul.

This event aims to promote peering in the Asia Pacific, attracting network service providers, content providers, internet exchange, and data centers.
We will exhibit Master Clock System (MCS) to realize highly accurate time synchronization with the grandmaster clock “TS-2912“, standard NTP time server “TS-2560” and “NTP Clock” as well as an operational management solution with our console server “SmartCS” which supports remote console access and enable network automation and “SmartJumper”, our latest product provided as access operations management software.

Outline of the exhibition

Exhibition Peering Asia 5.0
Dates November 1-2, 2023
Venue The Shilla Seoul
Organizer Korea Internet Neutral eXchange (KINX)