Function-rich Time Server

TS-2210 supports not only SNTP but also function-rich NTPv3 as well as enhanced NTPv4 and secures time synchronization to your network equipment.

  • Oscillator stability: +/-100ms/day
  • Time source: GPS

Features of TS-2210

Features 1 Highly Accurate Time Synchronization

GPS time source enabled high precision time synchronization in plus/minus 1ms accuracy. Stable time can be maintained even if GPS signal is lost using its built-in high precision crystal oscillator (TCXO) in plus minus 100ms/day accuracy.

Features 2  User Friendly Operation

  • Easy setting and maintenance with intuitive GUI (web-based)
  • Alert notification of status change by various ways via SNMP, Syslog and SMTP

Features 3  Unique Function

  • Two leap second adjustment methods with gradually mode and immediate mode
  • Silent operation, low power consumption and low failure rate without fan

Features 4 High Performance NTP Processing

Up to 800 NTP requests per second can be handled which gives you extra assurance for large scale system.

TS-2210 Specifications

LAN interface 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX 1 port
IPv4, IPv6
Processing capability 800 packets per second
Time information
Protocol SNTPv3, SNTPv4, NTPv3, NTPv4, TIME, DAYTIME
Authentication methods MD5 authentication, autokey
Built-in Oscillator type TCXO
Oscillator stability +/-100ms/day (+25ºC)
Rated voltage AC100~240V+/-10% (50/60Hz)
Rated current(Max) 0.12A
Power consumption 8W
Calorific value 29kJ/h
Operation temperature 0~40ºC
Operation humidity 20%~80% RH (no condensation)
Installation style Rack mount
Dimensions 430(W)×280(D)×44(H)mm (projections not included)
Weight approx. 3.8kg
Certification VCCI-A, RoHS, PSE


Time synchronization
Time source GPS
Correction accuracy to UTC +/-1ms(GPS synchronization)
Leap second adjustment Automatic
Daylight Saving Time supported
GPS receiver
Input level range 15dBi~30dBi
GPS antenna(Bundled)      GPS_antenna
Operation Temperature -30ºC~75ºC
Operation humidity 20%~95% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions Φ78×98(H) mm
Weight approx. 570g (10m cable included)
GPS antenna table
Dimensions 127(W)×110(D)×212(H) mm
Weight approx. 550g